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Ofir Ben Tov’s professional services are rendered through GSL associates pvt ltd. GSL is a leading international Geospatial solutions provider based in India, with deep-rooted strategic partnerships in Israel, Belgium, Canada & Australia. 


The services offered and executed by GSL include:

  • Nadir & Oblique Imagery: geo referenced images, up to 5cm GSD; stereo pairs; ortho images; orthomosaics - up to 5cm GSD; volume calculation using point cloud analysis


  • 3D Mapping: in-house capability of capturing and processing 3D data with accuracy up to 5cm using automated photogmetric algorithms and a state of the art 3D mesh engine.  GSL has experts with over two decades of experience who can triangulate the most complex images using propitiatory algorithms and softwares


  • Utility Inspection: roads, gas pipelines or power transmission lines


  • Data processing: specializing in 3D oblique processing and Ortho mosaic of small frame images; handling tens of thousands of images from any sensor and image size; under 1 pixel RMS geometric solution; calibration services and self calibration methods; integrating Lidar data and GCP’s; digitizing as per reality on 2D or 3D maps; cross platform processing ability. ArcGis, QGis, Microstation, Context Capture, Skyline, etc.


GSL is focused on using the most efficient technology and tools to help solve complex problems. This includes: 

  • Aerial imagery collection

  • Aerial & Mobile Lidar

  • Multi-sensor utility inspection 

  • Network survey vehicle

Projects carried out by GSL to date include aerial patrolling of power transmission lines (for fault detection and maintenance audit), and road asset management (involving the collection of data of the entire national highways of India with a view to building a single road database for National Highways, India). 

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