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The Man behind the lens...

Ofir Ben Tov, the man behind the lens

Ofir Ben Tov bought his first camera at the age of 14.  This sparked a curiosity about how he could combine his love of numbers, ratios and other mathematical principles with photography. 


Ofir took his first photographic flight At eighteen years old.  What he saw changed his ilfe. The Holy Land of Israel, stripped of politics and strife, as an amazing canvas from the sky. Through photography, he could see mathematical principles reflected in nature as an "insight from above". 

For more information regarding Ofir’s exhibitions, click here.


Following Ofir’s post in the Israeli Defense Forces  as a major in a unit that specialized in aerial photography, Ofir continued to explore the field of geomatics: he established AIB. his first geomatics company in Israel; and achieved a Masters degree with Excellence in Geo-information from Tel Aviv University. 


In 2014, Ofir co-founded GSL, a provider of geospatial solutions in India (  To date, Ofir has a vast wealth of experience in the 3D mapping, geoinformation and remote sensing fields.  It has led him to executing projects at a highly complex level in Israel, the US, Africa and India. His passion for aerial photographic art burns as strong as ever, and he hopes to spend many more years combining mathematical ideas, emotion and beauty using nature as his canvas.

Along with his love for aerial photographic art and geoinformation, Ofir is a deep researcher into and practitioner of hatha yoga. 

Bentov's Limited Edition collections

Fine Art collection -Limited edition Aerial footages by Ofir Ben Tov

The "Insight From Above" collection represents the actualization of a creative vision.


Capitalizing on the perspective and expansive color pallet as seen from above, the artist's unique imagery conveys the immense and rich beauty of the Holy Land of Israel in no uncertain terms. The images on display offer exceptional insight into Israel as a country, while also expressing the love and respect that man—the artist— feels for our earth.

All Bentov's Limited Edition artworks are available for print (in limited copies), signed by Ofir Ben Tov. The type and size of print can be chosen by you and can be adjusted for your specific needs. 

Bentov's Aerial Collections

Rights managed Aerial photography collection by Ofir Ben Tov

These Rights-Managed collections contain images from around the globe available for download as a one-time use. Downloads are available in various sizes and can be used for a multitude of purposes, including: catalogues, books, magazines, websites, newspapers, journals, postcards, graphic design. Here you can find unique high resolution aerial collections. 


If you would like to use the image more extensively than a one-time use, please get in touch.  

Remote Sensing professional services

3D mapping sample, Geo Information and Remote sensing services

Ofir provides remote sensing professional services through GSL (Geo Spatial Solutions). GSL is an Indian company, co-founded by Ofir together with Mr Prasanth Jain, and has strategic partnerships with companies in Israel, Belgium, Canada & Australia. 

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